Find Your True North.

by Nathan Whetnall on July 28, 2020

What is finding your true north? We all have a true north, and it's your internal compass that guides you. Your true north compass guides you, to you. Why are you here on this earth? What is your purpose or calling? It is following your true north in which you find your answers and your way through life. 

Following your true north is a lot of things, it could really be stepping into the person you want to become, how you want to act, how you want to be, it could be pursuing your dreams, turning a passion into a business, choosing a healthier lifestyle, etc. It's the inner guide you know is true to you, and the true north is the answer to your questions. Finding what resonates with you, what brings the best out of you, and directs you into becoming your greatest version.

Learning to do this isn't easy, nor is it hard. The more you pursue it, the more it becomes a way of life in which you consciously go about things... Is this good for me? Is this bad for me? Coming from a place of what feels right, and into living a life you want to live.

Ask yourself in all areas of your life, what is pulling you true north? 

Once you find what you are magnetic to and which you go about things, life can really become what you want it to be. You can go forward with that inner compass, with integrity and your knowing, and continue to progress, making your way to the top of the mountain in all facets of life.

There are a lot of ways and takes on finding your true north, and all has good meaning, I would encourage all to look into this more, and where you can apply it.

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