HELGN Signature

Original, complete logo of HELGN. Based in the color gold, representing excellence, elegance, divinity, royalty, luxury, and strength.

Fleur De Lis | True North

A minimalistic, Nordic, Fleur De Lis.
The symbol of the Gods.
It awakens the minds eye.
It Symbolizes Perfection, Light, Life, Royalty, Regal, Faith, Wisdom, Hope, Valor, Courage, Admiration, and more.
Once used on maps and compasses to indicate "True North," the Fleur represents a fundamental, natural, mysterious element that helps direct the curious to their metaphorical "True North."
The Fleur De Lis is a way of life.

Nordic Saint

The name HELGN, comes from Scandinavian languages meaning, Saint.
Helgon - Swedish
Helgen - Norwegian, Danish
The names design has Norse, Viking influence upon its lettering, creating there to be strength in the words meaning.


This design allows you to read it as it stands, or upside down, with the H and N lettering interconnecting the name as a frame. This alternative logo signifies Nordic Royalty, and the strength of Viking blood.

Northern Royalty

A royal Nordic pattern. It encompasses all of the luxurious Saint meaning, and represents the bloodline of excellence, devotion, and perfection.

49 | HELGN Compass

Created from the top piece of our Fleur De Lis, we have the HELGN compass, design 49. Besides direction, it symbolizes mastery, dedication, greatness, and your higher self conscious.

23 | HELGN Rune

Like the Fleur De Lis and design 49, we have the HELGN Rune, design 23. It inherits looks of Viking, Celtic symbolism, and is a sign of God's from the North.

44 | HELGN Ring

Quite simply, a classy shape. Used as a backdrop for our symbolism or designs, we have here the HELGN Ring, design 44.


Gold being the main color of HELGN, and green being the main alternative, you can see are dead center and placed in hierarchy. The red and blue colors play apart in our designs and symbolism too, being inspired and an accumulation of all the countries and flags, creating our own HELGN colors of red and blue. With all combined, and with placement, gives it the look of an "H".

4 De Lis

4 of the Fleur De Lis, which are in our r.G.G.b color format. This is a colorful, Northern European inspired design. Minimalist and classy.

Regal Cross

With our Northern Royalty pattern, here we have the Regal Cross design. Inspired and taken from the shape of Nordic flags, we have a luxury like design of the flags layout.

Nordic Cross

Inspired by the flags of Nordic and Scandinavian countries, this is the HELGN Nordic cross. This design holds together all of the Viking bloodline, beliefs, and it's traditions.

Norse Cross

With the name HELGN meaning Saint interconnected, you get a Nordic, Viking, Templars cross. A design inspired by the Vikings, in which when they came to America, and as tribute to them and the Templars protecting the Grail.