Keep Moving.

by Nathan Whetnall on February 02, 2021

Keep Moving Momentum Find Your True North

Sometimes we just feel stagnant and don't know what to do, or where to start with something.

For a while, I was just waiting around for life to happen. I had all these goals, wants, and things to achieve, but would just sit there. Along my self improvement journey, I didn't find my way until I just started, moving.

By just taking action, before you know it, you start to get this energy flowing, and you start to see the path clearer. It can be so simple. Take a walk, go out into nature, do a workout, clean your room, take out the trash, whatever it is, just one after the other, keeping the ball rolling.

You build momentum, and you build yourself.

Don't stop pushing, even if you don't know where you are headed exactly yet.

To find your true north, sometimes all you got to do is just, MOVE.


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