Finding Purpose.

by Nathan Whetnall on November 22, 2020

Finding Purpose In Life

Along the journey of finding your "True North," purpose is one of the biggest revelations one can have. Here at HELGN we want to encourage people to start thinking things like, "What is my purpose?" and have the answers be inspired from within.

It is said that, the Fleur De Lis was once used on maps and compasses to indicate "True North," and represents a fundamental, natural, mysterious element that helps direct the curious to their metaphorical "True North." That is why we represent it on our clothes and throughout our designs. In this case, "True North" could mean ones purpose, and to find that, we need dig deep and look inside ourselves.

We all have an internal compass, that internal compass of yours guides you successfully through life, and pulls you towards purpose. It's all a matter of being aware of your internal compass. You could think of your internal compass as your true self deep down, or your higher self. 

You might wonder how you become aware of this internal compass of yours, and it starts with asking yourself the simplest thing, and that's "Why?" 

Here is a video from The Modern Master, who dives deeper into the power of asking yourself "WHY?"

"Why?" should allow you to set foot into a better understand of yourself, and help in the practice of finding your "True North," in all things.

Now in finding purpose along this "True North" journey, if you are able to question things, you will also be able to get answers to things, everything has balance. Maybe along the line of questions you ask yourself, for example "Why do I love photography?" You find the reasons in why that particularly means so much to you. Perhaps it's just a passion? But could this, for example "photography," have a purpose in your life, could it be the purpose, or have something to do with your bigger purpose? 

This is why we ask ourselves "why?" and seek answers with this internal compass of ours. You never know, it could be the simplest thing in which ends up being your purpose, maybe something you've done your whole life and overlooked?

It helps if you know your passions, and what means the most to you in life. If you have a love for helping others, a love for music, or get really excited about creating new things, it's so important to be able to observe these things about yourself, to see if there is purpose to be had within them.

More on passion:

Unfortunately we can't just tell you what your purpose is, but it is in this first step of you even asking yourself the question or seeking that answer, in which one way or another, you will find your way to it! 

Find Your True North.