Know and Live Your Calling.

by Nathan Whetnall on December 01, 2020

Knowing and Living Your Calling.

Everyone in this life has a calling, it's a matter of finding it and stepping into it. What is a calling? It is a lot combined into one, whether that be a particular way of life, purpose, career or profession, it is what ever you know is suitable and true for you. When we talking of finding your metaphorical "True North," this is a big part of it, it is searching within using your internal compass, and knowing what is "right."

We all have our own paths, and there is no right or wrongs in what this calling of yours might be, but it's a matter of feeling what is right to you in your core. If you are to pursue a certain occupation, or feel it's time to step into a new lifestyle and break out of old bad habits, that is apart of stepping into your calling, allowing you to serve your greater purpose. 

To find your "True North," takes great dedication, but once are aware of your calling, who and what you are, you will find it much easier making sound choices going forward. We create everything in our lives whether that is good or bad, if we want to live out our callings we must make the conscious effort in identifying what that is, and disciplining ourselves to get to where we want to be. If things happen in our lives that we do not like, we should not play victim, yet find the silver linings and see how we can create better from them. It starts in the present moment, using your awareness and seeking the answers from that internal compass of yours, to guide you successfully through the rest of life. 

Sometimes you find your calling in just bettering yourself, say for example you are not living the healthiest right now. You might be addicted to smoking, not in the shape you want to be in, and with all of that you have a deep down passion for helping others, you know you want to be a service to people yet you are not in a place in which that can show for.

Perhaps you make the decision to act on these changes, you find yourself down the road as that person that is now healthy and able to help others, that within your transformation you find a passion for health and fitness, and with that deep knowing you've had always wanting to help others, you might feel a pull towards becoming a personal trainer, as you are now equipped to do so.

The point being, if you don't know your exact calling yet, maybe there is things you know to do for your own self help, that could lead you down a path in which you find this calling, but where ever you are at in life, seek your true values and desires and find those answers within, then take actions with your internal compass leading the way, in this you will start to live out your calling.

Find Your True North.